Natural head lice treatment

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Lice are a few of the most difficult insects to exterminate. They are difficult to detect and kill since they live on your scalp, which is a challenging area to reach on your body. They multiply fast and give rise to quite hard eggs commonly known as nits. You can kill lice by using certain chemicals. However, these chemicals can damage both you and the lice on your scalp. You should therefore opt for natural ways to kill warts. Here are a couple of natural ways to kill warts.

The most obvious way of eliminating lice in your scalp is through thorough combing and nitpicking. Nitpicking eliminates the nits, lice eggs from your scalp while combing removes the lice. This leaves your scalp lice free. Additionally it is important to remember that nits take about seven to ten days to hatch. This means that you have to nitpick and comb your hair everyday to protect against an entirely new wave of freshly hatched lice from invading your scalp. However, just combing and nit picking isn’t a complete proof method. You may miss certain sections of your scalp. You must therefore use this method in conjunction with other natural means of killing lice.  Opossum Poop

Olive oil is also a highly suitable natural way of killing lice. It acts as a lice smothering agent, effectively preventing the lice from breathing. The lice suffocate and die off. You should apply olive oil on your scalp and hair at night. Be careful not to leave out any sections. You then need to cover your head with a shower cap to ensure that the lice don’t have any breathing room at all. The shower cap also enables you to sleep comfortably without necessarily ruining your bedding.

Another great and natural lice-killing agent is mayonnaise. Mayonnaise behaves more or less like olive oil. It smothers the lice to departure. You should apply the mayonnaise at night and cover your head with a shower cap as well. You should also be fully aware that lice have the ability to shut and open their breathing holes to prevent any sort of suffocation. You should therefore use full fat mayonnaise, which can be just as strong as olive oil as it pertains to clogging the breathing holes of lice.

It actually dissolves the tacky material that female lice use to stick their eggs on your hair shaft. This means that the nits will just drop off from your own scalp. This can be very useful when you’re nit picking. It makes nit picking simple and faster.

All these natural ways to kill lice are very effective. However, personal hygiene also plays an essential role when it comes to lice control. You will need to clean your body and hair regularly. In addition, you need to ensure that all your furniture, clothes and beddings are lice free. You can do this by cleaning them thoroughly with hot water and detergent.