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When you’re a cat owner, you do not want your home to start to smell like a litter box. There are many things that you can do about that lingering pee smell when you have cats in your dwelling.

In your home with cats, the worst thing you may have is a house that smells like cat pee. This is a major problem as most people who walk into the house will smell the lingering odor, not like it. When you have that cat urine smell in your house, it’s tough to eliminate. Learn what you can do to help.

You need to first fix the root of the issue, rather than just buy products that simply mask the unpleasant smells. You can eliminate the smell but it’s useless if it keeps coming back because of this issue with your pets. Many times there are a few reasons for this. Most of the time it’s a medical issue. Your cat doesn’t mean to and have to be taken to a vet. The second reason is a territorial problem. The cat is marking territory.

The best way to do this is using an ultraviolet light to find the stains on the carpet that has to be cleaned. Use cat urine products that can be bought at the neighborhood pet store orĀ North Lauderdale Wildlife Removal on the carpets and other flooring types to eliminate the urine.

You need to change the litter box more frequently. This isn’t a problem with the box itself. It is a problem with your cats. If it’s somewhat cluttered, they will use another part of your dwelling. If it’s cleaner, your cat has a greater prospect of working with the box than another portion of the house.

Use cat urine repellent products. These are great for those cats who keep using the same spot in your dwelling. These products repel the cat with that area helping you shield the problem areas of your house more.

Air freshening products can be utilised in your own. Get the type that automatically works all day long that keeps the air much fresher. This will insure and mask any odor that might still be in the room.

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